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Connection Between Cricket and GamStop

Newlands Cricket Ground, Cape Town
Newlands Cricket Ground, Cape Town

Franz Rosenthal, an American Orientalist (of German origin) states that “The subject of gambling is all-encompassing. It combines man’s natural play instinct with his desire to know about his fate and his future.” This quote means that competitively having fun is as natural to human beings as breathing. Despite the deep link between cricket and betting since the creation of this sport, betting on this game is more attractive among the fans. 

Without any surprise, the increase in the gambling industry leads to the incredible growth of gambling-related problems including a gambling addiction. A number of organisms were launched to help the cricket fans who struggle with gambling problems and a well-known name in this field is GamStop. This self-exclusion scheme has become a resort for cricket fans and their link has become sturdy.

Cricket and Betting

The cricket may have been invented by children living in the Weald (an area in South East England area covers of dense woodlands and clearings) during Norman or Saxon times. Cricket is, actually, a bat and ball sport that requires strength, ball-handling skills, and good hand-eye coordination. With these skills and competitive features required to play, this sport quickly calls the attention of the fans and punters alike who notice that it is an inevitable way to invest in a wager. 

Cricket is regulated by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) in England and Wales. This governing body was established in 1997 and is a single entity that substituted the previous regulators; the Test and County Cricket Board and the National Cricket Association and the Cricket Council. Cricket is among the most popular sports to bet on and cricket administrators have had partnerships with Sportsbooks over the years.  For example, Betway stepped into cricket by sponsoring the West Indies cricket team in 2018 and also more recently sponsoring South Africa. It is also the case of Unibet, a highly respected sportsbook that signed an alliance with Surrey County Cricket Club (Surrey CCC) in 2016 and other brands support other counties as well.

GamStop: Self-Exclusion Service for Cricket Punters

Since the UK Gambling Commission concerns about the invasion of the gambling problems, GamStop has become compulsory for the UK-licensed gambling operators since 31st March 2020. This policy does not only aim to avoid the customers becoming addicted punters but it is also an effective option to help those who struggle with addiction. As a matter of fact, Gamstop is a dedicated self-exclusion scheme created in 2018 that obliges the licensed gaming and gambling industries to participate in this programme. 

GamStop required the players to first register at this free service then after the confirmation, they will be able to exclude themselves at the UKGC licensed gambling websites of their choice. They cannot, evidently, access these platforms and they're only able to bet using NonStopCasino sites that aren't on GamStop self-exclusion. This ban period can extend from 6 months up to 5 years depending on the customers. When this time has expired, the self-excluded gamblers can ask to remove their prohibition and will access the gambling sites again. Although sports betting has become the first choice of cricket aficionados to enjoy cricket matches, excessive gambling is dangerous for them. Fortunately, GamStop has been a reliable and effective solution for those who seek help and the connection between cricket and this scheme has become very plausible.

The Other Sides of the Cricket

As the sportsbooks provide several markets to wager and the punters are in quest of more action, sports betting has become a part of people’s life. Added by the mobile gaming bettors that can wager at their convenience, playing cricket will lead to an addiction for some punters. Similar to the slot games, the frequency of betting on cricket has become highly addictive for vulnerable gamblers. 

Online gambling has turned away the fans' attention leading sometimes to gambling-related harm. The disappointment of the gamblers during their losses causes depression and other psychiatric disorders. These troubles will, obviously, destroy their relationships, finances, and their whole life. To deal with these risks, GamStop was released to prevent the bettors from the gambling-related problems as well as to assist those who are experiencing gambling addiction.