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COVID-19 And Cricket Cancellations

Empty Seats

We’ve seen postponements and cancellations for sporting events all over the world - from the Olympics, to Wimbledon, and the many other sporting events big and small. Cricket has been no different, and we’ve seen a fair share of them too - starting as events without spectators and then moving through to short sessions and postponements as the end of March drew near.


The next big question will be what happens as we start moving through April without change - many countries are beginning to see their own increases in confirmed cases which will delay many events getting underway without any certainty for when they may begin again. As test cricket and all domestic events are placed on hold, other questions are now being asked - not just in cricket, but in sporting events across the world. 

The first question falls to event organisers - crucial staff that may need to be furloughed or laid off entirely to prevent any spread means that the grounds in which cricket is played on starts to fall in to slightly worse condition, inquiries in to how they may deal with refund requests and how they handle season ticket holders - and they’re difficult questions to answer, when you have to handle thousands of requests whilst also making sure they’re able to get by to the end of this themselves. 


 The next may fall to player fitness - especially in these larger team sports, it’s important that the players have the opportunity to get together and practice - and as individuals to have the opportunity to stay in form too. If there’s a big rush to get events back on following the return to normalcy, we could see players at increased risk of injury or just performing poorly as they’re out of practice. There are efforts to ensure players are staying fit during the lockdown, but it’s also difficult to get any real practice in the confines of your own home and garden. 


There have been some small domestic events continue, namely in India - we’re seeing some different sites offering betting odds on a couple of events throughout April and July however there is still an incredibly high likelihood that these could also be cancelled at any moment.


Unfortunately, unlike many other sports there aren’t many offerings to keep cricket fans interested during this downtime - but that may not be true for much longer. As new sites are popping up offering huge varieties of gaming platforms, the increased popularity has been taken note of as the global games market is consistently growing - it may not be too long before we start seeing a yearly offering for cricket games that follow the likes of the FIFA and NBA series, but that could still be quite some time away. For now, all that’s left to do is wait for news that the outlook is beginning to look more positive - until then, all we can do is expect the cancellations to keep rolling through.

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