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Cricket and Poker; Hand in Hand

Cricket and Poker; Hand in Hand
Cricket and Poker; Hand in Hand

Cricket and Poker aren’t worlds apart, and I would be shocked if there wasn’t a cross over in the player base especially at club and county cricket level.

Both require tactics, decisions to made in a split second and a good judge of character; whether that’s judging the pitch you’re playing on or the person you’re bowling at. 

With rain affecting the game so much in England you have to imagine if players are huddled up inside for a few hours, a pack of cards is going to be brought out, and usually Poker is the game of choice. I can’t imagine a Poker match being rained off and it breaking out into an innings of cricket though…

The beauty of something like Poker is it doesn’t have to be a real pack of cards now, the online game is becoming more and more popular with sites like Poker Stars, and wouldn’t be surprised if some players didn’t take to playing online during a delay.

It isn’t uncommon to see Poker tournaments all over your television these days, as it’s become a sport not only played but watched, much like Cricket, and it’s fascinating to watch. You can see all the players cards, so you can break down their decisions, question actions and just generally enjoy the high level of skill. It’s something that is a massive aid to anyone trying to improve their game!

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