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Cricket betting 101: Popular Cricket Bets to place

Moeen Ali
Moeen Ali

Cricket betting has already been in vogue for a long time. With more and more people believing in cricket betting, you need to know about the bets that you can place during a cricket match. In this guide, we have covered all the popular cricket bets exclusively that you can place on. So, even if you are a beginner or a pro at cricket betting, this comprehensive guide will enlighten you with everything under one roof. 

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Betting on Matches

This simple bet allows you to select who will win the match, the home team, away team or it will finish in a draw. This is quite popular among bettors and can be chosen by either analyzing the teams' previous performances or just total love for your favorite team. 

Match ending in Tie

This bet is quite simple to place if the match will end in a tie or not. 

Match Completion

This is specifically for matches ending in one day. One can bet if the match will end in a day or not. This depends on the weather conditions of that area or any other factors affecting the gameplay. 

Match Toss

This bet is placed on who will win the match toss and is purely based on luck. Thus, it is not at all dependent on the performance of any players and is just dependent on a coin flip. 

Toss Combination

You can even place your bet one step ahead of the match toss. In this, you have to choose two things, firstly the team winning the toss and then, what will that team choose first, batting or bowling. In case, you win at guessing both things right, you can win the bet. 

Top Bowler

This bet allows you to wager on the bowler that will take maximum wickets in the match or series. You can pick it based on the previous performance of specific players. 

Top Batsman

This bet is placed on the batsman who will score the maximum score in the match. This bet pays higher since it is relatively harder to pick a player in the beginning when the winning team is unknown. 

Player of Series or Man of Match

If you are betting in major markets, you can commonly find this bet to place on the player who is likely to win the Player of the Series or Man of the Match title. However, this bet may not be available for beginner players.

Highest Run Outs

In this, you need to pick a team that will have the higher runs out in a given match or series. 

Under/Over Score

In this bet, you just need to identify that the total match score will be under or over a given score published by a sportsbook. If the team manages to score as per your prediction, you win the bet. 

50 or 100 scores in a given match

This bet allows you to place a bet if a batsman is able to score 50 or 100 in a particular match.

50 or 100 scores in 1st innings

In this, you can place a bet if you predict that a player will be able to score 50 or 100 in the 1st innings itself.

The Final Verdict

With this, we have covered all the top bets prevalent in cricket matches. We are sure that in case you are a beginner, you will now have a clear understanding of cricket betting. You can now choose the ones that you think are worth betting for and easily bet on them.