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Cricket Betting Tips and Strategies

England's Jimmy Anderson in full flight

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world after football. With an estimated fan base of 2.5 billion persons spread across Asia, Australia, UK, India, Pakistan and many other countries of the world.

People place bets for different reasons, the major reasons being the fun derived from it. Then there is the possibility of making a few extra bucks. Since making money off sports betting is rocket science, most people stick to the fun.

Betting is a game of luck and chance, but you could stand a better chance of the odds favoring you if you could exhibit due diligence and be careful enough to place a bet after considering every inherent possibility. If you intend to make a quick buck, then you should bet right. 

Effective strategies and tips for cricket betting

  1. Know how to bet

Okay, there really isn’t a how-to manual for cricket betting, since the bets are placed on unpredictable events. Like that’s the whole point to betting anyway; an attempt to predict the unpredictable.

But as much as you can’t possibly be 100% sure of the outcome of cricket matches since you are not psychic. You can still try to predict the outcome by diligently examining the past and the present events.

The majority of punters end up losing their bets even before they are placed, this is because they utilize little or no strategies at all. Having the right betting strategies doesn’t guarantee a win, but it increases your chances of winning. This is why you need to pick out the right betting site.

  1. Pick out a betting site

Before you pick out a cricket betting site consider the following:

1. How secure is the mode of transactions?

2. Are there excellent in-play sections?

3. Is there a variety of payment options?

4. Quality of odds on offer

5. Is there a dedicated cricket statistic section?

6. Promotional offers and bonuses are just as important

Online cricket betting sites provide information on betting odds and how to bet on cricket (for beginners). For instance, cricket betting tips at comeon give betting tips on today’s match in the match center. 

  1. Consider  the home/away factor 

A very important factor that is crucial to the outcome of a game of cricket is whether the game is being played at home or away from home. Home teams have an edge over visiting teams.

The home team can work together with the pitch curator to create a favorable terrain for themselves or one which will not favor the weaknesses of the visiting team.

Weather conditions play a very important role in the outcome of a game of cricket as well as the toss. When an away team loses the toss in a test match it could result in entirely awful gaming experience for them.

Likewise, the onset of dew could result in a horrendous experience for the visiting teams as it would be quite difficult to grip a bowl. Hence, an inexperienced team playing in such unfavorable conditions may suffer a great defeat.

Another key determinant of victory or defeat in a game of cricket is history. A team that has recorded a series of home defeats in one season may suffer the same fate overseas.

  1. Betting variants

When placing bets on cricket games, you could consider cricket betting variants that rely largely on skill rather than luck. For example, you could consider betting on the “Highest opening partnership” instead of the “First wicket method”.


The act of due diligence as well as the utilization of effective strategies could increase your chances of winning placed bets. So ensure you put the tips and strategies discussed in this article to good use

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