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Cricket Coaching Mat-Ters
Cricket Coaching Mat-Ters

How to teach large numbers of youngsters to bat properly in a short period of time is an age old conundrum that was still waiting to be solved, until now that is. The new  method already used by over 1000 clubs, schools and players all over the world is the Cricket Coaching Mat -

This piece of equipment is designed to give youngsters the time and opportunity to improve their batting techniques on a perfect surface on which to bat: working brilliantly in the back garden for the child playing alone; working terrifically in the school gym or sports field and working superbly at club level – keeping all the players engaged, focused and employed in the purpose they’re there for – playing cricket, improving at cricket and enjoying cricket.

It provides a simple, effective batting space together with a set of flexible tees (5 different heights in all) on which to practice all the shots from cover drives to on drives, square cuts to pulls and sweeps plus the full range of defensive strokes. - supported by guidance from the ‘Head Coach’ CD(which you can actually listen to whilst working on a particular shot) , a coaching booklet and a coaching video which explains clearly how to play 16 different types of shot. The mat allows each shot to be played over 100 times in just a 10 minute period thereby “grooving” the muscles so that the shot can accurately be replayed when out in the middle.

The mats are used by youngsters to practice at home, in clubs and in schools in almost every country in the world where the game is played. Those clubs, coaches, teachers and parents with the foresight to buy such an innovative product have been delighted by the clear improvements in batting standards made by their protégées.

It is used widely in courses run by where Director and Yorkshire CCC captain Andrew Gale says “whether you are a Professional or a beginner, the coaching mat will take your game further”

A final word of endorsement comes from former England player Don Wilson who was once Head Coach at Lords. Don describes the coaching mats as being ”Marvellous and better than a net for coaching batsmen”

Further information on the mats can be seen at  and also on   and face book by searching for cricket coaching mat.

The company can be contacted directly on 07986 234 489 or via email [email protected] Look out for them at The Oval, Edgbaston and Headingley.