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Cricket Explained: Betting and Tips

Sri Lanka batters Nissanka and Mendis
Sri Lanka batters Nissanka and Mendis

Cricket is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports in the world, and just as it is popular among sports fans, gamblers also love it. That is why even new betting sites prioritise it as one of the best options to offer their customers. But even if you watch cricket games regularly, you need a proper understanding of the gambling side of it to thrive. And that is why we are here.

This guide will put you through some important details you need to kickstart your cricket betting journey. Read on and enjoy!

Cricket Betting Options You Should Know

The most fundamental thing to know in any sport is the betting options. So, here are some of the most lucrative and rewarding options you should know.

Match Bet

A match bet is arguably the simplest bet you can place on any cricket game. All you need to do in this case is to select your predicted winner of the match. You don't need to mention the scores or any other detail; simply bet on who you perceive will come out victorious.

Due to the simplicity of this betting option, the odds are not usually the highest, especially in games with heavy favourites. So, most times, gamblers add other options to it.

Tie Bet

As the name implies, this involves staking that the match will end in a draw. If one team comes out victorious, the bet ends in a loss.

Also, since most regular cricket matches don’t end in a draw, you may not find this option available all the time. However, you will always see it available in test games because draws are quite common in such matches.

Outright Winner

This bet type would test your patience, but if you win, you win big! For an outright winner bet, you are not predicting the winner of a single game. Instead, you are predicting the winner of a tournament. You can place such bets as early as one game into the tournament.

Outright winner bets take time and are not easy to predict, so the odds are highly rewarding and will compensate you bountifully if you come out victorious.


If you are not a fan of predicting specifics, over/under bets are for you. Here, you are not pointing fingers at any potential winners. Instead, you are only predicting that the addition of both teams’ scores will be more or less (over or under) a certain number of your choice.

So, your only concern is the scores, not the winner of the game.

Individual Bets

Individual bets come in different types, depending on your bookie. Some of the most popular variants are:

  • Top Bowler
  • Top Batsman
  • Batsman Contest

In these bets, you are betting on certain players, and not the whole team. So irrespective of the team’s performance, your main focus is on whoever you bet on in the team.

Tips For Becoming a Winning Cricket Bettor

Before you go in all excited, check out these tips that will come in handy for you:

  • Avoid Sentiments: Don’t allow sentiments to cloud your judgments. Bet on who is statistically better, and not who you would like to be better.
  • Practice Bankroll Management: If you want to be successful in the long run, you need good bankroll management. That way, you won’t lose your hard-earned money unnecessarily.
  • Don’t expect a 100% win rate: In gambling, you win some, you lose some. What truly matters is that you win more than you lose, so don’t let losses weigh you down.
  • Have a long-term bet running: It is always a good idea to have an outright bet running in the background while you place your per match bets. The reward is surely worth it.

Can You Go Wrong With Cricket Betting?

So far you have followed our tips, you can't miss it with cricket betting. This guide has the basics you need to start betting on this sport, so make it count!