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Cricket Match Predictions: CBSF T20 League 2022 - 2nd Match - Interglobe Marine vs 11 Ace - 21st October 2022

Interglobe Marine vs 11 Ace
Interglobe Marine vs 11 Ace

The 2nd match of the CBFS T20 League 2022 will take place on the 21st of October between Interglobe Marine and 11 Ace at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium, UAE.

LIVE SCORES - 2nd Match- Interglobe Marine vs 11 Ace

Top Tournament Stats - CBSF T20 League 2022

Top Batter (Runs Scored)

Top Bowler (Wickets taken)

Most Sixes

Current Form Interglobe Marine:

Interglobe Marine had won the previous edition of CBFS T20 League held in January this year. They will be entering the tournament as favorites.

Players to look forward to in Interglobe Marine:

1. Asif Khan- He opens the batting for Interglobe Marine and has been very effective at the top of the order this cricketing season season. He is a key players in the side due to his ability to hit the ball a long way.

2. Hazrat Luqman- He is a strike bowler for Interglobe who is currently in good form. He will play a key role for Interglobe Marine in the CBSF T20 League.

Current Form 11 Ace:

11 Ace didn't participate in the previous edition of CBSF T20 League but they have performed well in the other tournaments recently.

Players to look forward to in 11 Ace:

1. Sagar Kalyan - He is a hard hitting opener who can provide his team a thrilling start in the match.

2. Nilansh Keswani- He is an experienced campaigner who bowls in the middle overs and picks up wickets at regular interval.

 Let’s have a look at the squads:

11 ACE

Khalid Shah, Rahul Khanna, Sagar Kalyan, Shahan Akram, Usman Khan, Ahsan Shahzad, Keshav Sharma, Nasir Aziz, Rahul Bhatia, Usman Masood, Kaunain Abbas (Wk), Rahul Chopra (Wk), Abhimanyu Mithun, Ankur Sangwan, Hafeez ur Rehman, KK Jiyas, Nilansh Keswani, Riaz Khaliq, Sharif Asadullah

Interglobe Marine

Asif Khan, Chundangapoyil Rizwan, Hameed Khan, Touqeer Riyasat, Vishnu Sukumaran, Asif Mumtaz (c), Basil Hameed, Shahnawaz Khan, Sandeep Singh (Wk), Yasir Kaleem (Wk), Ahmed Shafiq, Amaan Maulvi Attaullah, Harry Bharwal, Hazrat Luqman, Junaid Siddique, Mohammad Zahid, Muhammad Taimoor

Cricket Match Predictions* - PrePlay

Who will win the toss? –  11 Ace

Who will win?- 11 Ace

Top Batter (Runs Scored) – Usman Khan (11 Ace), Asif Khan (Interglobe Marine)

Top Bowler (Wickets taken) –  Nilansh Keswani (11 Ace), Hazrat Luqman (Interglobe Marine)

Most Sixes – Usman Khan (11 Ace), Asif Khan (Interglobe Marine)

Player of the Match- Usman Khan (11 Ace)

Team Scores Batting first – 11 Ace 170+, Interglobe Marine 150+

Match Handicap: 11 Ace

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*NB these predictions may be changed nearer the start of the match once the final starting teams have been announced and we will be running ‘In-Play’ features, so stay tuned.

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