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Cricket stars support campaign to encourage men to look out for their mates

Jonathan Trott (left) and Tim Ambrose
Jonathan Trott (left) and Tim Ambrose
©Time to Change

Former England cricketers Tim Ambrose, Jonathan Trott and Ashley Giles have thrown their weight betweenTime to Change's newly launched campaign 'In your Corner'.

The campaign encourages men to support their mates, if they find them struggling with mental problems and has received the backing of sports stars Clarke Carlisle, Frank Bruno, Justin Rose and Ricky Hatto as well.

Trott, who left Australia in the middle of the Ashes tour in 2013 due to stress related issue along with Ambrose share their experience and how they overcame from their mental problems.

Similar photoshoots have taken place with Rugby League players and professional jockeys, showing the sportsmen sat on Time to Change’s ‘In Your Corner stool’ – a prominent feature of the campaign’s film which symbolises being there for a friend.

Trott stressed on the importance of having the right people around, who can genuinely help them in overcoming from the mental huddle.

“It’s important to have people that you can chat to and open up to and have an environment where you have the trust of people and you feel that you can speak to them.might be experiencing similar things.

“It’s always good to have people that you can trust away from the dressing room as well. It’s important that you have people in different areas of your life that you can talk to.

“If you are in a good place to be open and honest about your experiences it’s always good to share and help other people who might be experiencing similar things.”

Meanwhile, Ambrose, who himself was a victim of depression in 2010 said: “It’s hugely important to have someone in the dressing room looking out for you. We are a team and we are team mates in many regards. You worry and you care about each other on a human level, not just on a professional level.

“You need each other when things are tough out there and it’s important that you help each other out when things are tough anywhere else.

“The more knowledge and awareness we have of mental health issues, the better we are at spotting the symptoms.

“We are getting better at that. The PCA have done a lot of work in recent years to bring professionals in the area to understand what the signs are and to help each other.

“It comes down to being open and honest with each other and being able to ask a mate if he needs help.

“At Warwickshire we have been through our share of ups and downs and highs and lows. We understand each other as professionals and as people. That comes over time from being in close proximity with each other and communicating with each other. Knowledge is important.”

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