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Cricket World Cup 2019: Top 4 Moments at the Halfway Point

Cricket World Cup 2019: A view of Trent Bridge

With 24 matches at the 2019 World Cup already behind us, we are just past the halfway mark. Most of the teams have played 5 games each, and apparent favourites are well noticed. As usual, the top 4 are already there with one of the next 6 expected to make a late charge and cause a few upsets. Consistency, however, embodies the crucial factor for big players show even bigger performances on the biggest stage. With sportsbooks, such as comeon bet, updating their odds based on current performances.

1.Bails on or Bails off

Five times in more than 10 games since the start of Cricket World Cup 2019 a bowler has hit the stumps lighting up the electronic 'zing' bails but still staying firmly in place. Aussie’s David Warner got celebrated as the fifth batsman at the World Cup to avoid dismissal in spite of ball hitting stumps but refusing to leave the grooves. With the company that produces the flashing bails, immediately promising to observe and scrutinize the situation and evaluate all aspects, this is not something one would expect at international level. Still, the zing bails have been in use since 2012, after being approved by the International Cricket Council (ICC) which has made it clear that it will not review its decision any time soon.

2. Rain, Rain Go Away

As worsening weather conditions keep washing out the World Cup, some teams feel hard done by, others pleased to collect free points. Weather forecasts are the least surprising news an English cricket enthusiast can hear when checking for the latest scores. Rain stops play.  At least four matches were missed amid the torrents, leading to objections about the insufficient reserve days in the calendar. Truth be told it hasn’t really bucketed down; however, it’s been constant and heavy enough to be a spoilsport. Latest forecasts suggest no good news are yet to come.

3. Woeful South Africa

While England, India and Australia – the top three favourites for the trophy are on good track to reach the semi-finals, the fourth team on that list, South Africa, have underperformed dramatically.  The mighty Proteas are not so mighty anymore, boasting only with three defeats and just a win against Afghanistan. It would’ve been hoped that the Proteas could stage a comeback on the back off a win against Afghanistan but a nail biting 4 wicket defeat to tournament leaders New Zealand, all but put the nail in the coffin for South Africa’s world cup. With South Africa’s disastrous world cup coming to an end and just pride left to play for, it does beg the question where did everything go wrong and where do they go from here.  It will be interesting to see how the sportsbook markets in the future place South Africa in future tournaments.

4. Fair play Kohli

It doesn’t get bigger than a good ol’ India – Pakistan match as the most anticipated one of the group stages.  Although the match proved to be a bit one-sided it did highlight one notable moment as Virat Kohli walked rather than waiting for the umpire’s decision after failing to make right contact with Mohammad Amir’s bouncer. This move coupled with Kohli’s earlier intervention by standing up to his own fans to silence them as they joined in booing aimed at Steve Smith and David Warner, India’s skipper has become the tournament’s fair play hero.

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