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Cross and Brunt speak ahead of Women's Ashes ODIs

Cross and Brunt speak ahead of Women's Ashes ODIs
Cross and Brunt speak ahead of Women's Ashes ODIs

Ahead of the upcoming ODIs in the Women’s Ashes, BT Sport sat down with England players Kate Cross and Katherine Brunt to hear their thoughts on the recent test match and how it could affect their mentality for the all-important series-deciding ODI matches.

Katherine Brunt on taking Fiver for 60 in the Test Match

Yeah, it'd been a pretty long time. I was trying to add it up but somebody asked me I was like, I don't know. You don't play enough anyway. But I think it was 13 years since the previous one that I took and it's just not been possible because we just don't get the wickets to bowl on that can provide a little bit of the ‘oomph’ that you need, because unless you bowl 90 miles an hour, which none of us do, it's quite hard to create something out of nothing. So the wicket that was made for us was just ideal. If you had enough patience and skill and being able to set it up and it just happened.

Kate Cross on Brunt’s performance

I guess that's what we’ve come to expect of Katherine. That's how she leads our attack. And what we look up to, and you take us with you in sometimes in not the best way.

Katharine Brunt on Heather Knight’s performance

It wasn't a shock. No, it wasn't a shock. If people were thinking that that was superhuman or something, that's not, that's Heather Knight. I've seen that before. I knew as soon as she got to 40 that we were back on. Yeah, we were back in this. Like, it takes one of us in the bottom five, one of us just need to hang about and all of us are capable of hanging about. I think we've all hung about for 200 bowls before. And it only took one of us and you know out of five, you're going to get one. And it was Sheccles.

We actually knew as soon as she provided the goods, it was our turn to give back. And when Heath’ comes off like that, you just know you got to give back. Give everything you’ve got and and we did, didn't we? It was just so nice to repay her for the turmoil I guess she’d just sort of given.

Kate Cross on the ODIs

We've actually in the past, probably struggled more with the mental side of play in Australia. It's never been a question of whether we've got enough skill to beat them. It's always been how we performed under pressure. And I think that last innings in the Test match almost took away any fear that we've ever had against playing against Australia because for Sophie Dunkerley to go out there and just start whacking sixes in a test match when she's only played two of them in a life and we don't play the format enough to really know how to go about a chase like that, it was just, it was almost like the audacity that she had to do it. So I think having girls her age who are coming through who have got that attitude to do that in ashes cricket, I think is pretty special. And obviously for us now, we've still got the opportunity to win it.

Katharine Brunt on the ODIs

I think this test has given us a massive boost of confidence to show us we're here and this is what we can do. So don't leave anything to chance, because we'll take it.

To see the full interview go to the BT Sport YouTube Channel. The Women’s Ashes continues with the first of three ODIs exclusively live on BT Sport 1 from 02:45am Thursday morning.