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Cush Singles Out Flintoff As England's Key Man

By Aaron Kumar

With just a few days till the Twenty20 for 20 million match that has captured the imagination of cricketing fans the world over. I caught up with Guyanese and Stanford Superstar all-rounder Lennox Cush. Cush told me about his thoughts on the opening games of the tournament, the atmosphere in the Stanford ground and who he sees as the main threat from the England team.

What have you made of the Stanford Super series so far?

Lennox Cush
Lennox Cush
© Stanford 20/20

Not many runs were scored in the first two games but you must give credit to the bowlers. I think the bowlers put the ball in good areas in both games. The first game I think the wicket was playing a bit low, the second game with England and Middlesex last night, the opening bowlers were getting a lot of bounce from the wicket. The atmosphere has been great everything has been run in a very professional manner by the Stanford group.

How would you describe the atmosphere within the stadium?

Marvellous, I think everyone is up for it, everyone comes, we don’t have these events in the Caribbean that often, we had it in 2006 and then again earlier this year and the entire Caribbean but especially the Antiguans who have the opportunity to see it live, they are up for it and it is great for cricket in the Caribbean and the world in general.

Let's say Saturday night, you are playing against England, they are nine down and need six to win in the last over, a ball goes high up in the air, do you want to be under that catch?

I would love to be the one to take the catch yes! If I had a choice I would love to see the 'keeper going under it! An extra pair of hands!

I wouldn’t mind, we have trained for six hard weeks and we have talked about being put under pressure. I love pressure situations I think I perform better under pressure, most of the guys have played cricket at International level, I think we are up for it, so I think in that case everyone would want to see themselves in that situation.

Do you believe that home advantage will be a factor on Saturday? And what has the feed back been like from the rest of the Caribbean on the Stanford Super series?

We have been practising for six weeks as I said, and that will be an advantage to us, but nevertheless we will try not to get complacent. We are going to try and play good cricket because Twenty20 is like a 40 metre dash, who gets off wins, so we will take it as a big game and we will try to use that advantage to the best of our ability, but I don’t see it affecting England in any way, but we have to use it as an advantage and work hard and make sure it counts for us.

The people of the Caribbean do look forward to this, most of us have families come on board to give us their support, we are up for it and the guys will definitely give a good account of themselves.

Andrew Flintoff hits out
© Brookes La Touche Photography

Looking ahead to the big game on Saturday who do you see as the biggest threat from the England team?

I would say [Andrew] Flintoff (pictured hitting a six against Middlesex, left) if I had to pick one person who is the most dangerous - no disrespect to [Kevin] Pietersen, [Paul] Collingwood, [Matthew] Prior but I think one individual that I think can change a game would be Freddy, on his night he can destroy any bowler he is one of the most dangerous One Day batsmen in the world.

What would winning the Saturdays game mean to you both personally and professionally?

After playing cricket for over a decade, to have an opportunity like this, coming up when you are a couple of years away from probably calling it a day, I would love to grab hold of this opportunity and win.

Cush, who has played in 38 first-class matches, 28 One Day games and seven Twenty20s for Guyana as well as playing 12 times for the United States of America, was talking to Cricket World prior to the Champions Cup match between Middlesex and Trinidad & Tobago.

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