CWB Completes Autumn Training Weekend

CWB Completes Autumn Training Weekend
CWB Completes Autumn Training Weekend

Cricket Without Boundaries (“CWB”) completes its autumn training weekend for forthcoming projects in Africa (

Last weekend at the Deans leisure centre in Brighton, CWB, the Cricket Development and AIDS awareness charity put 30 volunteers intensive training in preparation for the Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya trips this summer.

The 3 teams learnt about how to use cricket drills to reinforce AIDS awareness messages, in particular the ABC (Abstain, Be Faithful, Condom) message as well as how to deliver the ICC coaching certificates to the new generation of African coaches.

Ed Williams, co-founder and trustee of CWB said:

“We couldn’t do what we do without the dedication and enthusiasm of our volunteers. The weekend was a great opportunity for them to learn about the CWB method and gain a greater insight into coaching cricket in Africa”.

Cameron Foster, volunteer and Olympic Flame carrier for the 2012 games said:

I think I am right in saying that 3 projects now have a well oiled unit who are prepared to face the challenges ahead and hit the ground running when landing in Africa.

If we took anything away from the weekend it has got to be CWB’s ABC... Cricket Without Boundaries is A Brilliant Charity!

Cricket without Boundaries (CWB) is a UK charity run entirely by volunteers dedicated to helping, educating and developing local communities in Africa through the spread and growth of cricket as well as using the sport to reinforce AIDS awareness messages.

In the last 5 years CWB have sent 23 projects to 8 African countries. In the process 20,000 children have been coached and 200 adults have been trained to become ICC coaches.

The charity has quotes of support from a number of supporters, including Gordon Brown, Andy Flintoff, the pop group Keane and Michael Palin. It has also been chosen as one of CNN’s Impact Your World Charities. See

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