Cycling To The Ashes - Oli Broom


Praise for 'Cycling For The Ashes'

“A marvellous story...completely potty!” Jonathan Agnew

“An epic adventure.”
Bear Grylls

“If you love cricket, cycling, adventure, travel and sobbing - read this book!”
Jim Carter, Downton Abbey actor and chairman of Hampstead Cricket Club

“His book is rather marvellous.”
Stephen Fry

Cycling To The Ashes - A Cricket Odyssey from London to Brisbane tells the story of an epic roadtrip from London to Australia by bike - all for the love of cricket.

Back in 2009, Oli Broom decided to quit work, strap a cricket bat to his back, jump on his bike and head to Lord's.

His final destination the Gabba, Brisbane, to watch England play the first Ashes Test against Australia in 2010.

Through 23 countries.

Over 14 months.

Travelling 15,000 miles.

This book tells the story of his rides through snowstorms, sandstorms, 50 degree heat, 15 days of rain, shotguns, Dengue fever, packs of dogs, crocodiles, ants and many a puncture.

It is a hilarious chronicle a most improbable journey during which 'cricket tragic' Broom spreads the gospel of cricket wherever he goes, playing matches in some weird and wonderful locations.

This is a tale about cricket, obsession and being told you are mad in several different languages.


Oli Broom studied at Durham then worked as a chartered surveyor until 2009 when he set-off overland by bicycle from London to Brisbane.

His adventure raised funds for the Lord's Taverners and the British Neurological Research Trust.

Since hopping off his bike Oli has lived in Rwanda where he was the Project Director of the Rwanda Cricket Stadium Foundation


3rd July 2014

Paperback & eBook


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