Day 1 Second Ashes Test Review by Swann, Vaughan & Ponting on BT Sport

BT Sport pundits Michael Vaughan, Graeme Swann, and  Ricky Ponting.

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Michael Vaughan on the decision whether to bat or bowl first

“The decision to bowl first has been a wrong one, I mean the pitch is very dry, I think England looked above to the clouds, they probably looked to the last two years of the day night games where the team batting first lost.”

“I don’t think they studied the 22 yards enough because it is very dry, when they came out for the first hour it was too short, they didn’t really set the tone.  The rain then worked for them, because after the rain delay they came out with more intent, there was more aggression in their body language.”

Ricky Ponting

“Every one of the batsmen that we’ve seen come in haven’t looked at ease.”

On Steven Smith

“He’s not hit that many balls in the middle of the bat, there’s been good pressure it’s looked a bit too pacey, Smith looks like he’s been early on the ball a lot.”

Michael Vaughan on Steve Smith

“I think the England team were slightly put off with Steve Smith in the press conference with Cameron Bancroft when he was laughing.”  “I know England are feeling a little bit upset by that.”

“They’re trying to take the Australian Captain out of his bubble from last week at the Gabba, and it worked for a short period because he responded, and I always think when a batsmen responds you’ve just taken him away from the concentration of what they’re there to do, to watch the ball and react.”