Dealing with shin splints as a fast bowler

Dealing with shin splints is a tough one for bowlers
Dealing with shin splints is a tough one for bowlers
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Fantastic question from Coady last week, one im sure a lot of you would have suffered with, I know I certainly have

“Hi Ross,

I suffer from shin splits and I know quite a few others do in my club, do you have any treatment or things I can do to help them?



Shin splints can be tricky things

When I was 16 I had just broken through into the Dorset Under-17 squad but before I played a game I'd been withdrawn due to shin splints.

Now I loved cricket, and thought I was the quickest bowler around at that age, so I went to see a specialist.

His recommendation? Six months rest.

Now thinking back to this makes me so damn angry

Six months rest. Really? That’s it?

This was in 1996, but I'm sure there could’ve been some better advice. I missed the season and never got a sniff again.

So amigo back to the point (still fuming here though!)

Shin splints for me are the body giving you a signal that something is going horribly tits up within the body, specifically the lower limb.

Again if you go to someone, normally one of the lazy physios out there (there are plenty of good ones), and they just go to the shin and say rest and ice then feel free to bitch slap them and walk out (I would say run but probably not wise with the shin pain!)

What you need to do is find out why the pain is happening. What is your gait (how you stand, walk and run) like?

Are your feet neutral, or do you have duck feet (pointed out) or pigeon feet (pointed in)?

Do your knees line up over your toes? When you run do you use full hip extension and flexion?

These are all things you need to look at.

Also how mobile are your ankle and hips? How stable are your knees?

The more of these things that you are getting the right the less stress is going through the lower limb.

Look at your bowling action as well, do you heel strike or toe strike? If you are a toe striker then higher forces will be going through the leg.

And what training are you doing? If you don’t know how to keep the ankle and hip mobile, as well as getting the glutes strong and powering you then you should check out our OCD program.

So try to improve structurally around the shin to take the point of pain away.

Of course whilst doing this you can use ice, anti-inflams, magnets and compression socks to help alleviate the pain.

Hope this helps.

Keep thinking differently.

Ross @

PS. I'm still peed off thinking about the lack of knowledge around when I had my shin splints, so instead of burying your head, get a program that will work for you like the OCD