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Cricket Square Mower

The Dennis Razor Ultra cricket square mower is a superbly balanced mower that is easy to manoeuvre. It has been designed to meet the specific demands of cricket squares.

cricket square mowerWith an 11 bladed cutting cylinder giving an ultra fine finish the machine incorporates many new features such as an ultra short wheelbase for undulating surfaces, a tungsten tipped groomer which can be in or out depending on the conditions, to cut lateral grasses before cutting, the simple 'no tools required' click height adjuster and the low noise, low vibration Honda Q9 engine.

It is also available with a 7 bladed cutting cylinder.

Dennis Razor Ultra 560 Cricket Square Mower

Unique features of the Dennis Razor Ultra 560 include a heavy duty cutter and roller clutches for smooth take up, powerful tungsten tipped grooomers for lateral growth control and high impact resistant acrylic guards.