Don’t Let Your Toes Rub You Up The Wrong Way!

When we walk, our toes can rub together, causing corns, calluses and sore spots in between them. Avid walkers in particular are aware of common problems such as toe blisters and chafing due to the excessive rubbing of the toes which can cause considerable pain and soreness. However, there are several things you can do prevent your toes from rubbing together. Firstly, always ensure that you are wearing a suitable pair of socks - cotton socks can hold sweat and moisture against your feet, making the skin softer and more susceptible to friction (*). Also, choose a pair that fit your feet perfectly so that they don’t bunch up in the wrong places and rub. Wearing the right sized shoes is also essential so make sure that you get yours fitted properly to help support your feet effectively. You can also try Profoot’s Soft Gel Toe Separators for added comfort between your toes. The transparent Toe Separators relieve pain caused by corns, calluses and sore spots between toes by providing exceptional cushioning. Unlike conventional toe separators, the unique Soft Gel Toe Separators contain medical grade mineral oil which can also help to soften and prevent corns as well as relieving pain between the toes. Profoot products are available from most independent pharmacies including Lloyds Pharmacy, on line at or directly from Profoot by telephoning 0208 492 1600. Further information can also be found on the website * Reference: