Doshi Registration Delays Start At Hove

The toss was delayed before the start of today's LV County Championship Division One game between Sussex and Warwickshire at the County Ground, Hove, as the umpires were awaiting clarification from the ECB over Warwickshire's registration of Nayam Doshi who terminated his contract with Surrey in July. Warwickshire had registered the player to play in the game against Sussex and had circulated registration details to all counties late yesterday afternoon. However, Sussex had formally lodged a complaint over this registration and were seeking clarification from the ECB as to which regulation Doshi had been registered under. Gus Mackay, Chief Executive of Sussex CCC confirmed that he had been in contact with the ECB over the past two days and by the toss at 10.30 am had not received sufficient clarification to his enquiry over the eligibility of Nayam Doshi to play today. At 10.45 am the ECB advised the umpires that Doshi was unable to play and as he had not met the necessary registration requirements they were investigating the matter further. © Sussex CCC
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