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Duckworth Lewis Method - Sticky Wickets

Duckworth Lewis Method - Sticky Wickets
Duckworth Lewis Method - Sticky Wickets

The Duckworth Lewis Method - Thomas Walsh (Duckworth) and Neil Hannon (Lewis) - have notched up more hits than runs and will be releasing their brand new album, 'Sticky Wickets', on 1st July on Divine Comedy Records.

The follow-up to their acclaimed Ivor Novello nominated 2009 debut, this 12-track cricket fantasia was penned and produced by Neil Hannon and Thomas Walsh and recorded and mixed by Guy Massey.

From the blistering psychedelic rock of the album’s title track, through the delicate ‘day in the life’ portrait of ‘The Umpire’ to the top-notch 80s funk-pop of ‘Line And Length’, ‘Sticky Wickets’ is a definite all-rounder and one brimming with quintessentially British/Irish charm.

The DLM first XI has been augmented this year by the top class abilities of Henry Blofeld on ‘It’s Just Not Cricket’, David Lloyd on “Boom Boom Afridi”, Daniel Radcliffe on ‘Third Man’, Stephen Fry on ‘Judd’s Paradox’, Matt Berry on “Mystery Man” and the whole of Lewis’s local Taverners team the Cavaliers on the Python-esque ‘The Laughing Cavaliers’.

Sticky Wickets Tracklisting

1. Sticky Wickets
2. Boom Boom Afridi
3. It’s Just Not Cricket
4. The Umpire
5. Third Man
6. Chin Music
7. Out In The Middle
8. Line And Length
9. The Laughing Cavaliers
10 .Judd’s Paradox
11. Mystery Man
12. Nudging And Nurdling