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ECB's Get The Game On Initiative

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According to the ECB's latest initiative player numbers are dropping by 7% a year, with completed matches down 13%. Perhaps most startling off all is that over the past 4 years conceded fixtures have soared by 63%.

There are varies reasons for games being called off, a few of which were going to look at and offer solutions for. ECB's video can be found above, offering a overview of the situation.

Other Plans

Cricket can be pushed aside with family, friends and work taking up a lot of a persons time. On top of this players will have other hobbies, and it can often be toss up in which cricket may come second best - how can we combat this?


There is no doubt this is the number one issue, it's hard to find a solution to if you don't have the right equipment and facilities. No matter how passionate a club if you don't have the right tools rain can force a game to be cancelled, is there another way though?

Lack of Players

Other plans, long games and late nights can all play a role in this. If you team doesn't have enough players to field a side the game is going to be called off. It can start as just one or two cancelling, but it's an issue perhaps easier solved than the other two.

So we've established a couple of problems, know how do we do something about them? Below we are going to list some suggestions from the ECB and a little reasoning behind them. If you feel a big issue has been missed let us know in the comments below.

Shorter Games

Whether it's starting earlier, finishing earlier, or even both. Reducing the amount of time people have to take out of there day, and push other things around could be a massive boost to the passion for a game, and the amount you have players show up - even interesting new ones.

Mid Week Match

This is one of the few tools you have against the rain, re-arranging a game or planning around the weather forecasts. You may find it helps with attendance as well, with players being free on different nights.

A large portion of this can be knowing your players, what works best for them and when are the best times to be playing. It may be difficult arranging this with another team but it's a far better solution than calling the game off.

The longer your players go without a game, the more disinterested they can become. Hopefully, with reduced requirements you may find more people thinking they have the time to join, and it can be something of a building block in improving the club.