Effective Exercise With Incredisocks

Are you looking for comfort when you exercise? Do you suffer from exhausted feet after a long day playing cricket? Then Incredisocks may be just what you need!

Doing regular exercise can leave you with sore feet - often this is because we wear socks that are too tight or too thin. Bad circulation can cause discomfort and leave you in pain. This is where Incredisocks comes into its own. They have been shown to increase circulation quickly resulting in an increased blood flow allowing more oxygen to the tissues.

IncredisockThis will help to reduce inflammation and give the skin tone a healthier colour. Incredisocks offer extreme comfort with a 200 thread count and their thermo-regulating features provide the required increase/decrease in temperature in as little as 5 minutes. The unique 3-D weave design provides incredible cushioning and keeps your feet absolutely dry.

As well as having a natural anti-microbial that kills the odour causing bacteria, Incredisocks are made from bamboo charcoal that helps with foot fatigue by releasing negative ions into your body, ensuring your feet never tire!

A good pair of socks is vital for an effective exercise session. According to Michael Goolkasian, completer of 144 marathons and 9 Ironman competitions, when you wear Incredisocks "your feet never get tired!" Michael praises them as being "AMAZING!"

Core benefits of Incredisocks:

  • Increases blood flow and oxygen by 75%¹
  • Ensures feet stay dry
  • Regulates temperature²
  • Reduces swelling²
  • Anti-microbial³
  • Reduces pain
  • Increases range of motion

Incredisocks are available in black, white and grey and in different designs. Incredisocks are available online from www.incrediweardirect.co.uk.