England Struggle, Six Nations and Cricket Grounds

St Lawrence Ground, Canterbury
©REUTERS / Action Images

Starting us off this week we have the West Indies v England Twenty20 series, which began with a 27-run defeat for England and the fans were not happy.

Some people thought everything was a disaster while others described the team as 'clueless' and questioned if they had ever played a T20 match before.

We didn't catch a lot of Six Nations tweets but with England losing the cricket it was over to the rugby team to get a win, and win they did.

Something a little bit different this week was that we recieved a huge amount of shots of grounds, whether they were general shots showing off the lovely weather, flood damage, ground maintenance or just looking ahead to the cricket season.

Plenty of variety with this weeks Cricket Events - we saw some run for charity, some swim and others holding fundraisers. On top of that there were a selection of nights out, such as quizzes, races, darts and more. There are also people picking up their trophies, congratulations to those!

Club Cricket featured again, which includes anything down at club level. This week we had fixtures, players changing clubs and images from the past. Have a look and see if your club appears. Finally, we finish with Indoor cricket tournaments, trophies and team photos.

As always we have a 'More' section where we have entertaining tweets that don't really fit into our categories this week. Take a look through tweets from cricketers, cricket teams and our followers.

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