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England Women Lead The Way...Again

England Women celebrate a wicket during their Ashes Test win in Perth
England Women celebrate a wicket during their Ashes Test win in Perth
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As an English person, If you want to win a Test match in Australia, best send for the England Women after they won in Perth this morning.

Well played!

It puts them 6-0 up in the multi-format series and while the win is a huge boost, this represents a rather large number of points for one victory.

It means that England just need to win one of the remaining six matches and hope that one gets washed out and they will have retained The Ashes. That doesn't quite seem right.

For me, four points for a win would be a better idea, or how about two Test matches with three points each? It was a cracking game, so let's see more of them.

What do you think?

Moving on, what a contrast with Alastair Cook's side, who were soundly beaten once again on Sunday? Warnered, Finched and McKayed, they were.

I have to say I felt a little sorry for him as his pre-match interviews were dominated by questions about Kevin Pietersen. What on earth was he supposed to say?

To be fair, I thought he handled it quite well and he is quite right to not give any player assurances at this stage as it would not be fair on the group.

Headlines such as 'Cook fails to give KP assurances' were as misleading as those earlier in the week proclaiming 'Delhi decide not to retain KP'. Cook assured nobody. Delhi retained nobody.

Always best to read or hear the quotes for yourself, sometimes.

In an odd sort of way, he was probably pleased that the Melbourne ODI threw up some cricket-related problems to talk about, namely England's inability to catch, David Warner's lucky reprieve, why England played no specialist spinner and why, if they picked so many batsmen, did they not look to score more quickly.

But how long can Captain Cook continue to navigate from one set of troubled waters to another?

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