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EU has renewed the Licence for Glyphosate - Rigby Taylor

Rigby Taylor’s Chemicals Product Manager Peter Corbett
©Rigby Taylor

Rigby Taylor is delighted that the EU has renewed the licence for glyphosate, says Peter Corbett, the company’s Chemicals Product Manager.

 “The loss of this important active would have cost local authorities many hundreds of millions of pounds to replace with alternative means of vegetation control.

“The industry now needs to take on board the importance of using this active ingredient correctly and in a sustainable manner.

“Rigby Taylor is working on a product stewardship package for glyphosate, which will include all the elements of best practice. The package will include advice and recommendations for managers, operators and other end users on how to use it correctly. There is also a need to educate the general public on its safety profile.

“We expect the UK authorities to re-affirm product labels in the next few months and Rigby Taylor will include these in the stewardship package.

“A key element to ensuring we can continue to have glyphosate as a cost-effective management tool for vegetation management will be to use it in a programme with other products to achieve the desired outcome. Rigby Taylor will also address this issue in its forthcoming stewardship programme."