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Evenings With Aggers raise £11,481 for PCA Benevolent Fund


Following this summer's run, 'An Evening With Aggers' shows have raised £11,481.25 for the PCA Benevolent Fund.

This summer, Jonathan Agnew, Geoffrey Boycott and Graeme Swann entertained audiences in Nottingham, Manchester, Birmingham, Leicester, Liverpool, Harrogate, Canterbury, Northampton, Bath and Watford as England beat Australia 3-2 to win the Ashes.

Sunil Gavaskar also joined Aggers on stage with the show also playing to audiences in London, Newcastle, Southampton and York.

As the shows celebrated England's victories, lamented their defeats, and included brilliant stories, jokes and lots of laughter, audiences gave generously to the PCA Benevolent Fund.

The PCA Benevolent Fund does an extraordinary amount of work helping former cricketers and their families - from helping those dealing with illness to enhancing the quality of life of retired players.

It is a charity championed by Agnew, Boycott, Gavaskar, Swann and the production team, and has been supported by the shows since they began in 2013.

Simon Fielder, the show's producer, recently handed over a cheque for the money raised this summer to PCA Benevolent Fund President David Graveney OBE, and the pair are pictured below.

Simon Fielder hands over the cheque to PCA Benevolent Fund President David Graveney OBE

©Simon Fielder

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