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Fascinating Ways Cricket and Gambling are Related to Each Other


Cricket is a beloved and popular sport in many countries and is also used to be one of the events that were covered by the BBC. However, when they lost broadcasting rights, this spot had not been seen on BBC for a long time. Luckily that recently changed, so anyone who was nostalgic towards those good old days can yet again enjoy the coverage of matches. 


Cricket as a hobby and entertainment is mostly popular in England, Canada and India. Another thing these countries have in common, in terms of hobbies, are sports betting and online gambling. You might think that the correlation between these two hobbies, stops there but you would be wrong. Here we will examine these similarities or explain how cricket and gambling are related.

Sharing the Fanbase

One of the more obvious ways how these two are connected is the users or fanbase. People who enjoy watching cricket also tend to enjoy spending their time placing bets or playing casino games. This tends to be a trend for pretty much any popular sport, and providers are aware of this. If you go to luckycolorado.com you will see that the betting sites there, offer cricket bets, and also some of them have their own online casinos as an additional form of entertainment. Moreover, online gambling parlors tend to promote their content and brand during sports events, and even sponsor sports teams.  

Betting Brought More Fans to Cricket

It is quite apparent that a lot of people who enjoy sports events also enjoy placing wagers on the sports matches. But the opposite is also true, although admittedly to a lesser extent. If someone enjoys gambling, they are also likely to get interested in a particular sport in order to understand their betting options better.


As a result, people who want to test their luck on cricket will bet on a match and start watching, and the same applies to eSports and other regular sports. So, if you were to go over the best Nevada sportsbooks, you would notice that they offer betting options for sports that aren’t necessarily massively popular in Nevada. In a way, these two hobbies go hand in hand and help each other stay relevant. 

Everyone Is Prone to Gambler’s Fallacy

We can know statistics, and how data works, and look at things through a lens of reason. But one way or another we cannot escape the so-called, gambler’s fallacy, and be hopeful of outcomes that are less likely to happen. An example of a gambler’s fallacy is that if flipped the coin 3 times and in every instance, it landed on the head, the 4th time is more likely to be tails. Even though the past outcomes don’t affect a new toss, the chance is always 50/50.


However, if you look at how sportsbooks are designed or how we also view a sports match between rivaling teams, you can clearly see we take past into account. There are match histories displayed and we often comment how it’s someone else’s turn now to win. It’s not that we are deaf to reason, it’s just that we tend to be hopeful and that’s why we are prone to gambler’s fallacy and love to justify it by going over the past results. The same goes for slots, poker, or bingo. After a series of bad luck, we love to think that the next game we will win.    

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