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Fast bowler’s running mechanics drills

The entire world is still reeling under the onslaught of Covid 19.  Cricket playing nations like England, India, South Africa, Pakistan and Bangladesh are yet to reign in the ravaging virus. One has to combat this turbulent time without dropping the shoulders. So cricketers across the globe better use this time by training at home, may be on the roof, if you have one such. Most cricketers know their physical limitations. A Joffray Archer may work on his running mechanics that can reduce the stress on his back. This, of course, under instruction from the English Fitness coach.

The upcoming cricketers can benefit from this video by using the drills I have shown. One can also watch the running technique of some of the best like former fast bowlers Michael Holding, Waqar Younis and Brett Lee.  Their run up was rhythmic, nice and smooth because of good running technique.

Here are the drills:

1. Leaning hip extension:


Set up

  • Take a moderate to high resistance monster band.
  • Tie it to a grill or iron knob about one foot in height from the floor.
  • Stand facing the grill.
  • The other end of the band is tied right under the feet.


Technique Cue

  • Drive the flexed knee right back with force.
  • Ensure that the knee is fully extended behind.
  • Do 10 reps each leg X 3 sets


2. A- Switch with bound

Set up

  • The band and its position remains the same with you facing the grill.
  • Tie the band around your Achilles tendon.


Technique Cue

  • From the A-skip position jump and switch to other leg. The other leg turns into A-skip position. That’s why it’s called switch.
  • Ensure that the switching of position is fast and with good force.
  • Do 10 reps each leg X 3 sets.


3. High knee with A-skip hold

Set up

  • The band remains there. Tie the band around your waist. Face opposite to the grill.


Technical Cue

  • Do fast knee drive against resistance.
  • After every four knee drive, counting both leg, suddenly pause and hold the knee at A-skip position.
  • Hip will be fully extended.
  • During the pause ensure the knee is held at the level of the hip.
  • The cycle of 4 knee drives and a pause is repeated for 5 times i.e. 20 in total.
  • Do 3 sets of this.


4. Hurdle progressive run through

Set up

  • Place 4-6 hurdles or water bottles in a straight line depending upon the length available at home.
  • Distance between the first two hurdles is less than a usual stride length. From the second to next hurdles the distance increases from one stride length to more than one and so on.
  • The distance between the last hurdle and to the end point at the wall will depend upon space available, may be 10-15 metres.

Technical cue

  • Do double high knee at start and in between hurdle 1-2. Then run through.
  • Maintain the posture as you did during the resisted high knee drill.
  • Going up and coming back makes 2. Do 12 times and rest for 1-2 minutes and repeat 3 times