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Fast Bowling and Fielding with Chinmoy Roy

Chinmoy Roy works on his jumping drills to aid in Fast Bowling and Fielding when playing cricket, exclusively with Cricket World TV.

Drill Set up

  • Place one pole as the starting block
  • 5 metres from the pole place one 2 metre height hurdle. It can be an original hurdle of 2 feet height or one can make the height with objects as seen in the video
  • The distance between each of the three hurdles is 5 metres
  • From the last hurdle the finishing pole is at a distance of 10 meters. So the distance from start to finish is 30 metres. 
  • The two way traffic is 60 metres.

Technical cue

  • While doing the mountain climber drill at the start keep the back flat and drive the knees at the full range of motion towards the torso.
  • Use the power of the front leg to propel the body from the ground. The arms drive is used as support to lift the body upwards. 
  • Look for height as you approach the hurdle

Reps and Sets

  • After every run rest between 30-60 seconds
  • Do back to back 6 reps that equals to one set
  • Rest for 3-5 minutes
  • Do 2-3 sets
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