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Fast Bowling Fitness Drill with Chinmoy Roy

We are delighted to have Chinmoy Roy working with Cricket World to bring you some interesting and innovative Cricket Training Drills.

The series will be called Chinmoy Roy’s Training Zone and in the following months we will be releasing these video drills for to follow and enjoy.

CHINMOY ROY is a certified strength and conditioning coach from the Board of Control for Cricket in India. He was the assistant trainer with Greg Chappell in the Indian fitness camp in 2005. He was the India –A fitness coach with Dav Whatmore in 2008.

Chinmoy was among the teaching faculty of National Cricket Academy of India till 2012. He played a key role in revamping the fitness level of former Indian Captain Sourav Ganguly. He had a long stint with the Bengal State Ranji first class team from 2003 to 2013.

Now he coaches international football and table tennis players. As a media personality Chinmoy anchors a fitness show in ABP- Ananda News Channel in Kolkata. He is a columnist with Eastern India’s biggest ABP Publishing House and writes for the Telegraph. 

In this training drill he looks at fast bowling fitness.


  • 10 Speed hurdles, 3 cones, one spring stump, 4-5 cricket balls
  • First cone to first hurdle distance is 5 metres. 10 hurdles placed in an order that makes the total distance 10 metres. From last hurdle to spring stump distance is 5 metres. 
  • If the run up is greater one can increase the distance and make it 25 or 30 metres in total.
  • Coach is 5 metre from sprint stump.


  • Smooth arm drive. Both the Arms close to arm pit. Swings back and forth not across the body.
  • Shoulders and hip should be square. No swaying of them while running. Nice and tall hip.
  • Still head. No swaying of the head from side to side


  • Run over the hurdle. Sprint and catch. Jog back and start
  • 10 reps and then 3-5 minutes of rest. 3 sets

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