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Fast Bowling Hurdle Drills with Chinmoy Roy

We are delighted to have Chinmoy Roy working with Cricket World to bring you some interesting and innovative Cricket Training Drills.

This episode focuses on improving your fast bowling, with lightning quick agility by following these hurdle drills.

Set up

  • 2 agility poles are placed across each other to create a height of 1 and half feet.
  • 4 set of such hurdles are created and placed 4 metres from each other.
  • From the start to first hurdle the distance is 5 metres.
  • From the last hurdle to the coach the distance is 10 metres.
  • The total distance is 30 metres.
  • Parallel to the hurdles 4 agility hoops are placed exactly at the distance of 4 metres from each other. The total distance there is 30 metres.
  • One player is running 60 metres in this drill.
  • Height of the hoop is 2 feet
  • Two coaches are standing at the opposite end from the start with 2 cricket balls for feeding catches.
  • Two spring stumps are placed there.
  • Two cricketers start at a time. One from the hurdle’s end the other from the Hoop’s end.
  • They need to change side after taking catches and finish at the opposite end to their start.

Technical Cue

  • Take off and land on the balls of the feet
  • Take 3 strides before taking off between each hurdle

Reps and sets

  • Do 6-8 reps taking 1 minute rest between each rep.
  • Take 5 minutes rest after one set.
  • Do 2-3 sets