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Fast Bowling Training with Chinmoy Roy

Chinmoy Roy joins Cricket World for his latest training tips, this time focusing on Fast Bowling with specific fitness drills to add those extra MPH's.

Drill Set up

  • Place one pole as the starting block.
  • 5 metres from the starting block place 6 hurdles. 
  • First 3 hurdles are of 1 feet height. Next 3 are of 9 inches.
  • Place 4 pieces hurdles after that, each having 6 inches of height.
  • In total there are 10 hurdles.
  • The hurdles are placed at a distance of one stride length.
  • From the starting pole the distance of the last small hurdle is 15 metres.
  • From the last small hurdle place another pole at a distance of 15 metres as the finishing block.
  • The whole distance is 30 metres.

Technical Cue

  • While going over the hurdle keep your torso, hip and planted leg well aligned in one line which is called tall hip position.
  • The knee lift will reduce to around 45 degrees when going over the 9 inches hurdle.
  • The knee lift will be even lower while crossing the 6 inches hurdles.
  • Break into top speed as the last hurdle is crossed.
  • Take as less time as possible to reach the finishing pole.
  • It will save your recovery time.

Reps and sets

  • After six back to back runs rest for 3 minutes
  • Repeat 5 times
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