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Faversham Cricket Club

Faversham Cricket Club, has had a number of names until October 2013 it was Macknade Cricket Club. It was formed in October 1935 as Macknade Sports and Social club, for the workers of Macknade Farm.

Address: MACKNADE CRICKET GROUND, Selling Road, Faversham, Kent, ME13 8XF

Phone: 01795 538654

Website: Click here

Faversham Cricket Club, has had a number of names until October 2013 it was Macknade Cricket Club. It was formed in October 1935 as Macknade Sports and Social club, for the workers of Macknade Farm. The club has changed it’s name a few times in its history, being know at different times as Macknade Sports Club, Macknade Sports & Social Club and Macknade Cricket Club. Until October 2013, the club had always had Macknade as part of its name, however at the 2013 AGM the membership approved a change of Name to Faversham Cricket Club, reflecting its position as the Towns Club. 

Faversham Cricket Club LogoFaversham is an historic Kentish market town, which is proud of its medieval heart. It has over centuries been a very independent minded community and in many ways still is. The town is home to Britain’s largest independent Brewery that of Shepherd Neame.

Faversham Cricket club’s ground is reached through Macknade Farm on the Selling Road passing the twin oasts in the farm yard which make its current badge.

Before World War 2 the farm's sports and social club played cricket near Salters Lane and Football nearer Selling Road. During the war the sports fields were used to house an anti aircraft battalion and it is thought that the area also formed part of the deception programme for the D Day landings as the cess pits dug during that time into the chalk are huge! After the War the areas where the sports were played were swapped, The Shepherd Neame Stadium on Salters Lane is now the home of Faversham Town Football Club and the current Macknade Cricket Ground taking it's place in front of Macknade Manor, which in it’s most recent incarnation is Reeds Restaurant with rooms.

As the number of farm workers decreased the club opened up its doors to cricketers from the Faversham area and began to offer Saturday League cricket. Faversham Wanderers Cricket Club merged with Macknade in the mid 70’s and the club started its rise through the leagues. A colts side was added and this led to the formation of a colts section playing age group league cricket in Faversham District.

The club has been a member of the Club Cricket Conference for many years and was a member of the Association of Kent Cricket Club’s until that organisation became part of the Kent Cricket Board.

Faversham Cricket Club currently runs 2 Adult sides on Saturdays, both playing in the respective Kent League 4th Divisions, a Sunday East Kent League Division 2 side and a Sunday/midweek Friendly XI, in addition to Colts teams in all Swale district age groups and cup sides.
Faversham Cricket Club offers coaching for children as young as 5 years old, in a safe and secure environment. All coaches are ECB qualified, and offer excellent training. The club has over 25 years’ experience in developing young cricketers, and is Clubmark accredited. The Club gained ECB Clubmark status on Friday 27 October 2006 the award shows the clubs commitment to safeguarding children and reaccreditation takes place every three years.

The Club was awarded Focus Club Status in 2011 by Kent Cricket Board.

Faversham CC has been an ardent supporter of many ECB and KCB initiatives, the club was one of the first in the county to register for NatWest CricketForce, back in 2005. In 2007 the club’s commitment to self-improvement through events such as CricketForce, was rewarded when the club was selected by the ECB as a showcase club for the 2007 event, taking advantage to develop relationships with the local community leaders and to extend the ground into a neighbouring disused horse paddock. The success of NatWest CricketForce at the club led to the Club Secretary Trevor Martin winning the Kent Cricket Board OSCA in 2013.

The Club rents its ground from the Duchy of Cornwall since the Farm was sold off by the original owners some 15 or so years ago. It is in the final stages of lease negotiation with the Duchy having worked under header terms for a number of years.

The majority of the Club membership is drawn from the Faversham area, and as a Community Amateur Sports Club, no payments are made to any players, the club is run, as it always has been, by volunteers.

The club has in its 79 year history has had only three presidents, Sir Thomas Neame owner of the farm from 1935 until his death in 1973 Mr Basil Neame CBE son of Thomas until his death in 2010 and currently Mr Stefano Cuomo who married Basil’s Daughter and is a prominent local business man owning Macknade Fine Foods which has its main shop opposite the club’s entrance.