Ferley And Wagh On The Road To Recovery

Notts duo Mark Wagh and Rob Ferley are expected to make strong returns after undergoing successful operations this week. Wagh endured constant pain in his shoulder throughout the final month of the season whilst Ferley was aggravated by a locking knee caused by damaged cartilage. “It’s a difficult situation when you’re injured in-season because you know that the pain is there but you don’t want to let it affect you,” said Ferley. “I was looking forward to the operation because the knee problem has frustrated me this season. The damage was a bit more serious than the surgeon had expected which meant that he had to do more to correct it but in a week’s time I should be able to begin mobilising the knee.” The Notts pair, who share a house in West Bridgford, will spend the first four weeks of their recovery together before Ferley returns to Kent to spend time with his girlfriend and family. Wagh averaged 46.95 in the LV County Championship this year and was the only Notts player to exceed 1,000 first class runs. “Ever since my shoulder popped in the game against Durham there was a risk that it could dislocate and the purpose of this operation was to tighten up the joint,” said Wagh. “It felt loose towards the end of the season but the surgeon has anchored the cartilage in four places to add strength and stability. There is a bit of soreness at the moment but the operation was a success.” Wagh will wear a sling for three weeks before stepping up his rehabilitation. © Nottinghamshire CCC
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