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Figure Eight Running Drill with Chinmoy Roy

Figure Eight Running Drill with Chinmoy Roy, live on Cricket World TV.

Chinmoy joins us again for his latest cricket training drills to help improve fitness for bowling, batting and fielding this week with his running drill.

Set up

  • Place a set of two poles at the two ends. 
  • Between the two poles there is a distance of 2.5 metres.
  • From the second pole to the centre where the coach stands the distance is 10 metres.
  • So the total straight line running distance is 20 metres.

Technical Cue

  • While you do the figure of eight keep an eye on the pivot and plant foot.
  • It is transferring of weight from one foot to another that will ensure how quickly you turn
  • As you sprint to centre just react to coach’s command.
  • If you need to turn and sprint again after a sudden stop on coach’s command keep a good wide base of legs so that you are well balanced and do not fall over.
  • Use your acceleration speed to catch up with the partner who is in an advantageous position if the coach’s call gives him to run straight.
  • The drill takes a test of your agility within 22 yards.

Reps and Sets

  • After one rep rest for 30 seconds to 1 minute
  • Do 6-8 reps in one set and then rest for 5 minutes
  • Do 2-3 sets