Final England-India Blind ODI Abandoned Due To Rain

Final England-India Blind ODI Abandoned Due To Rain
Final England-India Blind ODI Abandoned Due To Rain
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The last game in the series had to be abandoned after heavy rain ruled out further play. The match started on time but even the skilful mopping up work of the groundsmen could not enable play to resume after the initial stoppage on a day of alternate sunshine and downpours.

England won the toss and decided to bat with the objective of seeing out the full 40 overs. Luke Sugg  was promoted to opener with Matt Dean who fell for 3 to a smart catch by the ‘keeper Prakash off the bowling of Reddy. Nathan Foy arrived at the crease but the rain left England’s leading scorer 10 runs short of 3000 international runs with the score on 20-1 off 4 overs..

After a magnificent lunch the presentations were made and the speeches given on what has been a wonderful if somewhat one-sided series. There was a great spirit between the two teams and their managements and backroom staff with each wildly applauding the other’s achievements. Also the introduction of an umpire’s panel has been an unqualified success.

As well as the men-of-the –series awards for each sight category, Ian Martin, the National Disability Cricket Manager at the ECB, gave two further awards for upholding the Spirit of Cricket. The details of the awards are :

B1 man of the series : Ketan Patel
B2 man of the series : Hitesh Pasel
B3 man of the series : Ajay Reddy

Spirit of Cricket (1): In the 3rd match, England wicketkeeper Dan Field recalled Indian batsman Pushparaj after he took a rising ball that did not hit the bat after an appeal from the rest of the team had been given out by the umpire.

Spirit of Cricket (2): In the 3rd match, India’s captain Shekhar Naik refused to run out Matt Dean after Dean had set off for a run and collapsed mid-wicket with an injury. Dean continued with as runner.

A representative of the school spoke about the honour of hosting an international blind cricket match and the pity was that the weather prevented the superb facilities from getting used to the full.