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Finisher: How To Score At The Death


In an exclusive excerpt from his batting coaching course, Michael Bevan talks us through the pressure of the last few overs.

In this match the situation we've 5-10 overs to go, chasing down a total.

You know the bowler's bowling full because fine leg's up, long on, long off's out. They are going to be trying to bowl yorkers.

Rather than thinking about playing the ball on its merits, pick a couple of zones where you know - depending on the length of the ball - that you can hit boundaries. I like to concentrate on the off side. So with full bowling you have two options for hitting fours. The first is over cover, where the bowler doesn't quite get it right. The second option is through gully region for really full balls.

Technically, to get to these zones where you need to hit a four, you need to give yourself room. So the bowler has bowled you need to make the decision that you’re going to back away towards the umpire to give yourself access. Then it’s a matter of using the pace of the ball.

Unfortunately, sometimes you get a ball in a different area. You have set up to score in your areas so you're not ready to hit it. In that case, just to try and score singles off those balls. Yes, you can miss out on opportunities, but this plan helps keep your mind clear under the pressure of a chase. So choose the right situation to employ these tactics.

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by David Hinchclife, PitchVision Academy
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