First Night Of The Ashes - To Sleep, Or To Tweet?

England head out onto the field in Brisbane
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As The Ashes began in Brisbane last night, people around the world were preparing to watch the spectacle. Whether you were in Australia, enjoying it at a reasonable time, or else wherearound the world attempting to pull an all-nighter, cricket fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

I personally managed almost 30 overs before realising I had work in around six hours and went off to bed. I asked the question to Cricket World followers how and where they were enjoying the game and got some interesting responses (included in the Tweets below).

It was a mix of fearing the stirring of children in the morning and not looking forward to university/work the next day. We even had someone unsure of how long they should stay up, to which there was no correct answer.

We also had a small competition of predictions, when we posed the question "Who do you think Australia's top scorer will be this innings?" Unfortunately, nobody guessed Brad Haddin, but we did have some guesses such as extras, with Australia all out for 150, not quite the case but amusing none the less.

The beginning of a sports series is always looked upon with delight, as if holds more importance than the other matches in some cases, but do we make too much fuss over it?

My colleague John Pennington looks at this in a bit more in-depth here, so if you're still awake, review the night's action below, and then let us know what you think.

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