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Five Cricket Youngsters to Keep on Your Radar

India's Rishabh Pant
India's Rishabh Pant

Cricket is one of the oldest sports in the world, and how it continues to stay relevant by ensuring that there is a continuous influx of youngsters. This regularity has made it easy for the sport to get more stars within the sport, and we can see more people enter the fray. The future of cricket is secured because of the new boys.

Even though they are young, some are already pushing boundaries and gaining massive reputations in the sporting world. We see them have top sports odds, making them some of the best prospects in the world of cricket. You'll see that they're impressive if you follow the different leagues and Test tournaments. 

These cricketers have become the backbone of the sport, and once the top players retire, they would take on the mantle as they enter their prime. We love to see that cricket is in safe hands and would enjoy much more enjoyable moments when the time is right. They would give us some of the best actions. 

These players are growing well, and we love to see it. Undoubtedly, it can only get better. In that case, we’re looking at some of the best prospects in cricket. Join us as we check out these five youngsters in the sport. We believe you should keep these prospects on your radar and follow through on their careers. 

Let’s get into the list without wasting time and show how they might become some of the best cricketers in the future. 

Rishabh Pant

Since his debut, Rishabh Pant has risen through the ranks, and at such a young age, he is now one of India’s first-choice wicket-keepers in all the formats. We see him as excellent potential for the future, and because of his innovative batting technique plus incredible hitting power, his influence on the game is growing. 

Pant has become influential in white and red ball cricket. We saw him get up a 159 score in his first 30 Test games, and he has produced four 100s scores during this period, making him one of the best youngsters worldwide. Pant is sure one for the future, and at 24, he still has so much to offer to India and the world of cricket. 

Sam Curran

Sam Curran is another top player bossing from a very young age. He is one of the best English cricketers out there. His well-rounded game has earned an incredible reputation among the English team and all over the world. Even though he is still young, one can’t deny that Curran is a top player. 

He was the player of the series when England faced India in 2018 when he was only 18, showing his incredible skills. The 24-year-old remains a top prospect, and if he can stay fit and available throughout his career, we sure have a player heading for the hall of fame once he is done with his playing days. 

Naseem Shah

Naseem Shah was one of the youngest players to ever debut in a Test match. He was only 16 when he made the appearance for Pakistan against Australia. Shah was impressive in that match that he earned a reputation and has since grown to become one of the best cricketers in Pakistan. 

He is only 19 now and has already improved his game so much. There is no telling how far he will get because we can't tell how high his ceiling goes for a young man to have influenced the game so much. Undoubtedly, Shah is one of the top prospects we think you should put on your radar and watch closely. 

Rashid Khan

As a teenager, Rashid Khan started his career. He was one of the top players from when he debuted. And since then, his career trajectory has been upward. You can tell he is one of those players who would impact many games. Khan is one of those players with impressive skills that push boundaries. 

At 24, Khan already has 300 international wickets, and he continues to grow as he represents his country in different Test games. Rashid is an exciting cricketer, and we believe he will continue on that trajectory if he stays injury free. He is not only for the future but also a boss in the world today. 

Zak Crawley

Although Zak Crawley is yet to hold down a spot in the English test side, he is sure an excellent prospect for the future. Whenever he is in the starting squad, we can’t deny his impact and influence on the game. Crawley is one of those players that you can trust to deliver as long as he is fit. 

We saw his brilliance in the 2020 Test match against Pakistan when he made an impressive 267, and since then, he has become a sensation in the team. Crawley has appeared in three ODIs, and he would get more chances with time; we trust he would deliver on any occasion as he is a top prospect in Cricket.