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Five Reasons Why You Will Love To Bet on Cricket

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Cricket is a nationwide sport in India, and it's riding the wave of popularity far away from the field. There’s an increased interest across the entire globe as the shorter forms of the sport continue to provide excitement and drama. However, there is another thing that can enhance the excitement for all cricket enthusiasts, and that is wagering at the best betting sites in India.

Wagering on cricket should not just be a way of making real cash, but also a way to boost and enhance fans’ interest. If you compare the gambling activities in cricket betting and other forms of gambling, it is obvious that there’re some similarities but also a massive range of differences.

In this article, you are going to look at five reasons why betting on cricket can be an excellent way of online gambling. That is not to say that other forms of gambling do not have their place at cricket betting sites. Here are the five reasons why you will love to bet on cricket. 

Plenty of Markets to Bet on 

Cricket betting provides players with many markets to wager on. If you place a wager on some of the most popular markets, such as over/under or match prices, you will get an excellent run for your cash.

Even if you lose your bet, it’ll provide you with some excitement and enjoyment for the majority of the game. Other markets available at the best betting sites in India are:

  • Total Match Fours
  • Man of the Match
  • Top Batsman
  • Total Match Sixes
  • Highest Individual Score
  • Top Bowler
  • First Wicket Method

With these markets plus others, you can see why cricket betting is the way to go. You will have the freedom to choose a market that you feel will favour you at any cricket betting sites.

Huge Number of Cricket Events to Wager on

Cricket has many events for its lovers to place their bets on. From domestic leagues to major international tournaments, cricket fans will be able to find a game to bet on each day. Some of the most popular events at cricket betting sites include the following:

The Ashes

The Ashes is one of the world-famous cricket events. The event takes place after two years, and the rivalry between two sides keeps fans and gamblers interested throughout the entire series. It is the most famous Test Series to wager on across the world.

World Cup

Cricket World Cup is another prestigious event that will make you love to bet on this sport. The event can offer plenty of value, especially when you join the best betting sites in India. One of the markets worth placing your bets on is the To Make the Final wager.

This market provides plenty of benefits. And to make the most out of this event, you should be able to follow all the results of every participant’s form from the lead up to the competition.


The IPL, famously known as the Indian Premier League, is one of the most popular domestic tournaments in the world. All the best players from across the globe take part in this cricket league.

Both outright betting options and individual match markets are available at our top Indian bookmakers. With this league, you will be sure to place a bet on your favourite cricket teams and win some cash.

It’s Easy to Understand Cricket Betting Odds

Cricket odds are easy to understand, even if you are new to online betting. The only thing you need is to know what the odds represent as well as the value they offer at the cricket betting sites.

These are the common things you need to know when creating an account with the best betting sites in India. And there are many simple ways to help you work out the value of cricket odds yourself. Doing so will help you choose the bets that offer value.

Betting on Cricket is More Sociable

It is more sociable to join the best betting sites in India, place a wager on cricket and go to a bar or stadium to watch your favourite game. Also, you can discuss what is happening throughout the match with your friends. Even if you lose your wager at any of the available cricket betting sites, you’ll still have enjoyed your day out.

When you compare cricket betting to other forms of gambling like playing casino games, you will notice that it offers plenty of benefits. Not only will it allow you to get some significant money, but also provide you with the entertainment you need.

Offers Natural Breaks

It is no secret that online gambling can be dangerous and unhealthy if done in excess at most cricket betting sites. For this reason, betting on cricket is the best way since it is not available throughout the day.

There are many natural breaks between tournaments and games which provide you with some time to take a break. As a result of this, you will be able to control your online gambling activities, naturally leading to a healthy gaming environment.

Up to this point, you can now see why betting on cricket is the best way to go in 2020. Look for the best betting sites in India and create an account to enjoy placing bets on cricket.   

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