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Football Drill for Cricket Conditioning with Chinmoy Roy

Name the most popular sports in the world? The answer is soccer without a shadow of doubt. Cricketers from most countries are absolutely crazy about the game.

Come what may they have to play soccer in the warm up, either before a net session or a match day. EPL in England has a global appeal. No wonder that a Butler or Stokes relish the game. The likes of M.S. Dhoni and Virat Kohli are decent footballers.

And of course, addicted to the game. The common belief across cricketers from all levels is that it relaxes the mind. Then the team bonding comes into play. Having agreed to all the arguments, one puzzle that’s hard to crack is why no other sport uses a different sport during their warm up. Why don’t a Roger Federar warm up with a basketball in hand?

Soccer, indeed can be of immense help in developing cardiovascular conditioning of any sportsperson, including a cricketer. Playing the game for 45 minutes makes one cover a distance more than what he would run in a conventional conditioning training day. My take is that once a week during the lockdown phase or under normal circumstances a cricketer can use football as a training tool.

Exercise 1(Core strengthening)

Seated Russian Twist and chest pass with football
Target: Strengthening the anterior core muscles like TVA, obliques & muscles of chest
Technical cue: Keep the body little incline. Back flat and legs in the air.
Reps and sets: 20 X3
Plank Roll out on football
Target: Strengthening the anterior core muscles like TVA & scapula stability
Technical cue: Keep the body parallel to the ground. The head, t-spine and hip in one straight line
Reps and sets: 12 X3
One leg bridge and leg abduction on football
Target: Strengthening the glutes, hamstrings and posterior core muscles
Technical cue: Keep the hip and chest in one straight line. Abduct the leg according to your level of flexibility without compromising on posture.
Reps and sets: 12 X3

2. Conditioning drill

Set up
Take 4 markers. Place one at the start and one at a distance of 20 metres. Place two markers at the
Centre to create a small gate.
Target: Developing VO2 max/Cardio-respiratory endurance
Technical cue: Run at a low intensity with the ball till the centre. Run hard to finish and back to
Shuttle sequence: After first 4 shuttles rest 6 seconds
Then run 6 shuttles and rest 10 seconds
Then run 8 shuttles and rest 10 seconds
Then run 10 shuttles and rest 3 minutes

Repeat the procedure 3 times