Functional, Natural, Nutrition From Purition

Functional, Natural, Nutrition From Purition
Functional, Natural, Nutrition From Purition

Setting it apart from other health food brands, Purition's products are totally natural with a very short and clean ingredients list based on seeds, nuts and whey.

By combining Purity and Nutrition, Purition offers a new and exciting category of functional, convenient, high quality whole-food shakes aimed at the Health, Diet, Fitness and Breakfast markets.

Unlike the majority of protein shakes on the market, Purition’s range contains whole-food fats, fibre and an abundance of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals without any unnecessary ingredients.

The range is currently made up from four specially formulated blends to suit a variety of goals:

-    BodySculpt is a protein and fibre whole-food super-shake
-    BodyPro is a higher protein and fibre whole-food super-shake
-    Superseed Breakfast Smoothie is a wholefood meal replacement
-    Superseed is a natural Omega & Fibre rich super-food blend

All products are low carb, high fibre, high protein and low GI/GL. Additionally, each only contains trace amounts of natural sugar and salt and all are gluten and wheat free.

So allow yourself to follow the most recent and emerging health, fitness and diet trend by incorporating Purition’s REAL, RAW and SUGAR FREE shakes into your diet. Forget the breakfast biscuit or cereal bar full of sugar and processed fats, forget protein powders loaded with artificially sweeteners and unnecessary ingredients. 

Purition shakes are the quick, convenient and only truly natural solution that will fulfill your nutritional needs.