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Further Disruption to International Cricket Schedule


The international cricket schedule has seen its fair share of problems over the past 18 months, and it looks as though there is more to come as the world slowly gets back to some kind of normality. With travel involved between countries and many weeks spent in the same place, international cricket is going to take longer, and as fans we just have to be patient.

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New Zealand are just one of many teams to have found recent disruption, fans will be hoping that in 2022, we can get back to watching normal cricket.

Security Issues in World Cricket

The most recent series to be postponed was England’s visit of Pakistan. This was to allow both men and women teams play against each other in T20 games, while the women would remain in Pakistan to play ODI games, as the men left for the T20 World Cup. This comes on the back of New Zealand cancelling their Pakistan tour on the back of security concerns surrounding their visit to the region.

New Zealand announced they had received a direct and credible threat to their safety in the region, and it was in the best interests of everyone involved to call the tour off. Pakistan responded to both New Zealand and England to say that they were unaware of any security issues in the region and were happy to host games under the current climate.

Will 2022 Bring More Stability?

The hope is that 2022 will bring something that resembles normal international touring for cricket teams, although there is still a long way to go for that to be confirmed. With countries all over the world having very different rules on entry and exit into their countries, this is not going to be easy to work out for planners and organisers.

To end 2021, England are scheduled to travel to Australia to play in the Ashes series. This is set to go ahead, though there has been a lot of talk about family travelling with players given the current strict border controls that are in place in Australia.

What happens with the Ashes tour could give us an indication about what will happen in 2022, especially in the early part of that year. There will also be a lot of focus on the Ashes because of the time of the year it is.

Players would be away from home for Christmas, they want their families with them and if they can travel, it would be a huge boost to the chances of international cricket normality for 2022.