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Game Changer: Club cricketer’s ingenuity creates a ‘safe’ route back for recreational cricket with Ktouch+ Hand Hygiene

Paul Nixon with Heath Parnel at Leicestershire CCC

The Parnel family, who all play at Bedworth CC, took on board the PM’s call for innovation, ingenuity and creativity, at the start of the covid outbreak, to come up with a solution for the safe handling of the ‘cricket ball’ – now widely known as the ‘vector of disease’.

Speaking to Heath Parnel today after the initial launch of his products, he commented: ‘ my son (Ryan) originally had the idea of a saliva substitute. We focused on the ball shining and developed a product “KALIVA”. This is applied to your fingertips via a small roller ball bottle. It works in the same way as saliva in that you still have to polish the ball on your trousers. KALIVA cleans the ball. It does have anti-microbial properties. However, Kaliva is only applied to your fingertips and one side of the ball.

Therefore, not completely protecting your hands. our focus changed towards making the transmission of disease via the cricket ball less of a risk by developing Ktouch+. This is patented technology and a hand hygiene product that will give up to 6 hours protection against germs once applied. It is non-alcohol based, therefore won’t cause damage to the skin with long term use.

We are all cricketers in my family. Me (52) and 3 sons Ryan (25), Ross (22) and Jamie 16.’


Heath continued: ‘Just to make things clear about the two products:

Ktouch+ Hand Hygiene is a product that gives the hands prolonged protection against viruses and germs (up to 6 hours). Therefore, it helps to prevent the transfer of disease via the cricket ball.

KALIVA is a product that is used to clean the ball, therefore a replacement for Saliva. It works by cleaning the ball before polishing the ball on your trousers, in the same way you would use saliva. It is intended as a safe way of polishing the ball without putting your fingers in your mouth.

When both products are used together, they provided a safer environment for cricket to be played without compromising the integrity of the game.

We are offering both Ktouch+ and KALIVA to UK clubs at a discounted price of 20% for a box rate.This allows them to sell both products to their members at our RRP price, to raise funds for the club or at the discounted rate/free with Membership etc'

Both products are endorsed by former England cricketer Paul Nixon (currently Head Coach at Leicestershire CCC) and Heath and his family are ready to take orders from any clubs and schools now…..

Packaged in all sizes and priced appropriately....... it’s a ‘Game Changer’

The ICC/ECB currently state that no foreign substances can be used to shine the ball, however Ktouch+ is fine to use now and KALIVA can be used at practice sessions now and in the winter.

Also, as there is no promotion and relegation throughout the cricket leagues in the UK this summer, so now might be the best time to trial such a product for shinning the ball.   

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