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Games That Entertain During a Rain Break or Between Innings

Games That Entertain During a Rain Break or Between Innings

One of cricket’s many charms is that its breaks in play are almost as important to the game as the passages of sporting action are, with captains having to know how to navigate the final session of a day’s play or the tricky period before lunch.

For fans, each pause is a chance to converse with those around them, to grab a bite to eat or even find entertainment of another form, be that in a newspaper article, a crossword puzzle, a bit of TMS or a mobile app. Here are some of the latter that every discerning cricket fan should have downloaded and ready for the next time rain or bad light stops play.

Cricket Games That Put You at the Heart of the Action

For those spectators more used to playing than watching there are a whole raft of cricket games that will satisfy those itchy bowling and batting fingers.

World Cricket Championship 2 is currently the most comprehensive mobile game on the market, combining high-end graphics with a host of special features, even allowing you to challenge decisions using Hawkeye and Hotspot. For those less interested in a game that mirrors reality and are more inclined towards out-and-out entertainment, there’s always the classic Stick Cricket, of which there’s now a special Big Bash edition.

Games for the Scorers Among You

It’s not uncommon to spot people doing the jobs of the scorers from their vantage point in the stands, marking every dot ball and every wicket as a means to maintain a deep connection to the swings of momentum a game can throw up.

However, when there’s nothing to score and those mathematically gifted minds begin to get bored under an umbrella or dark clouds, it pays to have something up your sleeve to while away the lost overs. For word puzzle gurus, Scrabble Go is a great option that you can play with friends, Oddschecker’s bonuses allow you to wrack your brain at classic casino table games, and even Monopoly has gone mobile these days.

Maintain Your competitive Edge with Quiz Games

Imagine a break in play has just come at the worst time, with the game in the balance and either side having a chance at claiming victory.

Some observers would prefer to take a deep breath and have themselves a calming beer, but there’ll be plenty of folk who would rather remain on the edge of their seat till the action resumes. For these cricket fans quiz games are a great way to stay switched on, and even in some cases catch up with friends at the same time. One of the best apps out there at the minute is Houseparty, which allows you to play a variety of quiz games whilst being face-to-face with a whole group of friends. For more straightforward quizzing there’s always the likes of HQ Trivia or Trivia Crack 2.

Be Productive in the Down Time

You’ve talked about the weather for the umpteenth time with those spectators around you, all your snacks are gone, and the line at the coffee stand is a mile long. Even though it’s your day off, you may just be tempted to crank the gears of your brain and see if they fancy helping you learn a thing or two before you get back to the cricket.

The good news is that many educational apps focus mainly around game-based learning, meaning you’ll hardly even notice that you’re picking up a new language or learning the finer points of origami, as you transform the match day program into an ornate bird. Some of the best apps include Memrise for languages, and Origami Paper Craft WiKi for recreating the feathered beasts pecking at the rain-soaked covers.


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