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Gilbert - The last years of W. G. Grace - Charlie Connolly

Gilbert - Charlie Connolly

Few figures are as instantly recognisable as the great W. G. Grace and in this new book by Charlie Connolly, he digs beneath the surface to try to find out more about Grace the person.

Marking the centenary of his death in 1915, Connolly asks what he might have felt and thought.

Who was Grace?

Gilbert charts the final years of Grace's life, from his 50th birthday in 1898 to his death aged 67 in 1915 with a combination of facts and imagination.

To the public, he was known as The Doctor and W.G., but to those who knew him he was Gilbert. This is the book about Gilbert.


Charlie Connelly is the author of 11 books - including Elk Stopped Play and the bestselling Attention All Shipping: A Journey Round the Shipping Forecast - and an award-winning broadcaster.

He has collected Wisden since receiving the 1983 edition for his 13th birthday and lives in London.


Published by Bloomsbury (Wisden) on 8 October, 2015
£10.99 Hardback/£9.99 eBook

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