Given Out...By The Long Arm Of The Law

Given Out...By The Long Arm Of The Law
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This week's edition of the best of the weekend's club cricket, as tweeted to us by you (or spotted by our cricket social media team), includes the police making an appearance.

Over the past week, and particularly the weekend, we received all sorts of messages, from results, achievements to the more humourous side of the game.

Here we took a look back and remember, if you want to feature in the same place next week, get tweeting - @Cricket_World and let us know if your club isn't being followed by us. We'll soon ensure we are.

Here we go then. The laws of the game state there are 10 methods of dismissal in the game of cricket - had this player been batting, would he have been retired out, retired hurt or perhaps stumped or caught out?

Moving on, it was an incredible week for Rotherham so many congratulations to them for this:

On Twenty20 Finals Day Cuxham Cricket Club posted this image of their 'mascots' getting ready for their afternoon. Fielding at cow corner, ready for that big moo across the line? Or grazing at fine leg, perhaps.

Oh, the ambiguity of cricket. What is a block? A defensive shot? A bracket of overs? No, it's what is stopping you getting home after a match.

And as we stay with the theme of car cricket (anybody else play that as a kid?) inevitably when somebody gets in and starts hitting fours and sixes, somebody's windscreen pays the price:

Talking of actually blocking the ball, this one is from our editor JP. Women's cricket, and the Ashes Test at Wormsley has got everybody talking:

The spirit of cricket has been in the news a lot recently and it's heartening to see that it is alive and well in club cricket. Well played.

We are now into the part of the season where silverware is decided so well done to anybody who managed to win a Cup this weekend - like Cheddar Cricket and Dunnington CC:

Meanwhile, Teddington CC are celebrating a different milestone - their 150th anniversary. We hope everything goes well and here's to the next 150 years!

There was some rain around over the weekend, particularly in the Midlands and North, but that didn't stop some of you still getting a full game in...

Better weather on show here though and this is one of our favourite photos of the weekend...

...and here is another.

And finally, how important is it to foster good relationships on and off the field? The Accrington CC pair below would certainly see it as important, if this picture is anything to go by!

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