Gloucestershire Confirm Plans For Umar Gul

Gloucestershire are trying to ease PCB worries about the workload on fast bowler Umar Gul by confirming their plan to start playing the Pakistan player from May with Australian Ashley Noffke starting the season. Speaking on the matter, Gloucestershire Chief Executive Tom Richardson said: "I met with Mr Salim Altaf, the Director of Cricket Operations, the Pakistan Cricket Board, yesterday to discuss their concerns about Umar Gul and the possible work load on him. They have had a number of injuries to their seam bowlers and he is likely to have a very heavy workload over the coming autumn and winter so the PCB worries are completely understandable. "Of course, it is not in anyone’s interests to over bowl him. With this in mind, we would hope to continue with our plan: namely that Ashley Noffke starts the season, Umar would have a break and then would arrive here around mid May. Umar would almost certainly be selected for the Twenty20 World Cup in September so, in effect, he would be with us for 3½ months. Salim Altaf will be discussing this with his Board in the next few days. I am hopeful that we can resolve this." Meanwhile, Ireland's success at the World Cup has enforced a slight change to their fixtures for the 2007 season. The new fixtures are as follows: Ireland v Gloucestershire – Friends Provident Trophy This fixture will now be played at Clontarf CC, Dublin on Thursday 10 May 2007 (was 22 April) Gloucestershire v Leeds/Bradford UCCE This fixture will now be played on Friday 20 – Sunday 22 April 2007 at Bristol (was 9-11 May)
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