Gooey’s Eye View Is Back …

Fielding drills
Gooey’s Eye View Is Back …
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Hello again web watchers Gooey’s eye view is back …

So then blog number 2 it is then.  In the two weeks since the last blog plenty has happened with some new developments in the training well fielding practice, to the unfortunate news about our coach Ronny oh and who can forget, more of the special guest appearances but more about that later.

Week 6 was an eventful session with the email from John Holland (Cricket Director) asking all players to arrive early for the session as we have things to “discuss”.  After a somewhat frosty reception the chat went onto an interesting topic of David Hasslehoff and no that’s not a typo I really did say David Hasslehoff. This is the theory of making yourself big, making yourself noticed and inspiring confidence in yourself and encouraging thoughts of doubt in your opposite number. Basically means puff your chest out like Hasselhoff on Baywatch!!!

The side effects of making you play how you want to play and also apparently it also helps gets you the chicks like the Hoff. So Marta (my Hoffette) is all down the Hoff and all I can say is HERO, well 90% of the time anyway!!!

The next news was in the form of the Team Malkin, Team Leonard and Team Darwin FA Cup style draw for the Hilton Newcastle Gateshead Winter Training Cup…let’s just say I drew the NON ATTENDEES!!!!

So the nets session was cut short to get week one of the new cup in.  I have to say a few Hoff’s came out but mainly the bowlers were doing the Hoffing!!!  Although the batting did improve as a whole but the bowlers are still on top.  The challenge is set for the batters to get some form and do some serious Hoffing themselves.

So on to the Hilton NG Winter Cup and the teams were set and the drills were set. The three teams each had 9 members. My team had 5!!! So when other teams could relax and concentrate on there next effort my guys were just running around constantly. We had no where to hide, where other teams members could be a bit less visible when it came to scoring the points my guys couldn’t.

Drill one with Colonel was catching of the Katchit, which is sort of like a piece of corrugated iron roofing just made with plastic/rubber instead of iron and with a small incline when laid on the floor. The ball comes of at all sorts of angles and poses a good challenge to the catcher. The drill itself was Colonel throwing the ball on to the Katchit with the fielder taking a set number of successful catches at three bases all at different distances from the Katchit. I really enjoyed that drill as I do love my catching especially when at pace, although not all my team shared my views of this drill with a few body blows and sore hands to show for it.

Drill two was a kinder drill for the hands but not for the legs. Bettsy was recreating the situation of fielding in the ring at either point or cover and cutting off the ball picking up one handed and releasing it at the stumps be it for a direct hit or to the fielder based on the stumps for the run out. This drill was done at a high tempo and again the lack of team members on my side made for a pretty intense drill. Thankfully I have one of the fitter groups but still ours hearts and legs were pumping hard. Still Team Darwin racked up the highest score which I think is a testimony to our fitness levels as a team.

Drill three with Ash Patel made for interesting viewing. Basically in essence it was taking a long distance catch of around 30 foot then throwing the ball 30 foot back to the wicket keeper to Ash’s right hand side. Here comes the fun bit, the catch was being fired at us by of all things the dreaded bowling machine. Again with the low numbers and having just done Bettsy’s fitness test oh I mean fielding drill we were pretty tired but realised we had to stand up and get our hands ready to take more catches per man than the other teams.

As I mentioned earlier each team scored points for each drill and overall if I remember correctly after 3 drills Team Darwin was last by one point behind Team Malkin and Team Leonard was only one point ahead of Team Malkin. So the scores were tight and with one final group exercise to go. This involved all teams and included three stations within it. The drill went as follows with Bettsy rolling out the ball and station one cutting the ball of and throwing at a set off stumps aiming for a direct hit. Station two is based behind these stumps and whose goal is to stop the ball and release an over arm throws over a set of stumps 24 feet away. This is when station three springs to life and runs from a cone to the stumps (around 10 feet away) take the throw for a run out and then under arm the ball back to Bettsy for another circuit.

Anyway what happened all teams scored the same points and my team lost. Travesty!!!

Week 7 produced another special guest appearance or should I should special guest and special coach appearance. With Durham’s Scott Borthwick joining us before he fly’s out to play in New Zealand with the Canterbury State side. This again just displays how the clubs evolving with Liam Plunkett one week and Scott Borthwick the next. Who’s the next player to join us??? Scott like Liam was a privilege to have around and I hope the boys watched him and bring his commitment and attitude into there own games as it was second to none. So all there is to say is good luck in New Zealand Scotty and as a club we hope it all goes well for you mate.

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