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Great, Great Granddaughter of Percy Stuart Surridge Returns the Family to Cricket Bat Manufacturing


Five generations after Percy Stuart Surridge created Stuart Surridge & Co. Ltd, in 1867, his great, great granddaughter, Charley Surridge, is launching a new cricket bat brand under the brand name Swannack.

The range of three Swannack bats - Apollo, Kratos and Caerus - are all designed by Charley’s father, the legendary bat designer, John Surridge, best known for designing the SS Turbofor former England cricket captain, Graham Gooch.  This famous bat was renamed the SS 333 Turbo after Gooch’s momentous innings against India at Lord’s in 1990.

W.G. Grace, Herbert Sutcliffe, Peter May, Ken Barrington and Sir Vivian Richards are just some the professional cricketers who entrusted their skills to a Surridge family bat before the original business, Stuart Surridge & Co. Ltd, was sold in the 1980s.

Charley Surridge is now continuing the family tradition with Swannack, funded by a Kickstarter campaign through which the company’s boutique bats are being offered at a significant discount in return for ‘Kickstarter’ pledges, available until 22nd February, 2018.

One of the few companies that manufactures from tree to bat, using English willow personally sourced and selected by Charley and John, Swannack bats are made available in three of the best grades of wood: Classic, Elite and Test grade.

Charley Surridge, Swanack’s managing director says, “our designs are aimed at enhancing a player’s natural technique. As ever increasing bat sizes have led to the creation of new legislation, putting a stop to oversized edges, Swannack focuses on creating unique sweet spots that assist the ball to the boundary without compromising the player’s timing and control. This maximizes a player’s scoring opportunities, without resorting to bigger and bigger bats.”

For further information please contact Charley Surridge [Managing Director] or visit Swannack’s website or see ‘Kickstarter’ campaign website.